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Fan community for the AIR anime, game, and everything else

Welcome to air_anime, the first fan community for the anime series Air TV and the correlating Air Movie!
one Be considerate. If someone has a different opinion from you, great for them. Intelligent arguments are fine, flame wars are just irritating.

two PLACE ALL SPOILERS BEHIND AN LJ-CUT! If you break this rule once, your post will be deleted. If you break it twice, you will be kicked out of the community.

three Please, post icons/colorbars/whatever! If you have a large number of images, for the sake of our 56k (and lower) users, put them behind an lj-cut. Also, all icon posts must be relevant to Air. Icons from Clannad, Planetarian, or Kanon do not count as relevant. You're welcome to post links to multi-fandom posts, or post multi-fandom icons but said icon posts should contain some Air icons, and your "preview icons" should all be of AIR-related.

four Please do not murder the English language. Sentences start with capital letters, and end with periods, it's not a hard concept to master. Really. Also, check over your entry/comment before you push enter. If you misspell a few words, that's one thing, but if you show a deliberate disregard for this rule, I might be inclined to get nasty. This is one of my worst pet peeves.

fiveTHERE IS TO BE NO SHARING OF ANY OF THE AIR ANIME THROUGH THIS COMMUNITY . The passing on of YouTube clips, however, is okay, as long they are not full episodes. All other multimedia (screenshots, mp3s, manga) is fine, for now. If someone licenses one of the manga series, then this policy will change to reflect that, but we'll burn that bridge when we come to it. ;)

six All posts must be on topic. That means that if they do not explicitly relate to the Air anime, game, manga, music, or anything else, they will be deleted and you will be banned. Multi-fandom RP ads are allowed -only- if they are explicitly linked to Air.

seven Have fun! :D

Thanks a bunch,
Your mod teacoat